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Hi I'm Islin Munisteri. I created Heal and Be Rich to show you tools you can use to rebuild and sustain a happy and healthy life through optimal decision making.

Life is more than just rational yes or no decisions. There are emotions as well that help the process. Emotions bring another layer of information gathering and understanding. By using both rational and emotional minds, we discover our wise mind to make the best decisions possible.

As a petroleum reservoir engineer who has served on teams to make multi-billion dollar decisions on whether to develop an oilfield, I've developed frameworks to help you make major life decisions.


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23 Affirmations That Changed My Life

It has been a long, hard road recovering from bipolar and borderline personality disorder. From my diagnosis of bipolar 1 disorder in 2017, I find that having affirmations helps to rewire my brain into a healthier place. The word affirmation comes from the Latin...

Was Kate Spade Bipolar?

Was Kate Spade Bipolar?

There may be evidence that Kate Spade was bipolar. If we look at the facts surrounding bipolar disorder, Kate may have fit some of the criteria. But because she was only five years into her mental health journey, and it takes roughly 10.5 years to diagnose bipolar, it...

How to Follow Through With an Idea When Manic

How to Follow Through With an Idea When Manic

When you’re in mania or hypomania, every idea seems to be a good idea. You can carry out every single one with success and your followers will love every single idea that you have. Everything seems to be on a shiny road to the stars! However, once you’re off the...

Top 10 Songs for Mental Health

Hello, my name is Islin and I've been managing bipolar mania, depression, and anxiety since adolesence but I am not a mental health professional. If you need help finding a mental health care provider, visit or visit Talkspace on flexoffers to talk to a...

How to Be a Bipolar Nursing Student

How to Be a Bipolar Nursing Student

We answer the question, "Can you be a nurse with bipolar disorder?"   What are you officially diagnosed with by a medical professional? PTSD, Bipolar stage 2, Generalized Anxiety, Depression, ADD, OCD, Tinnitus. What medicines are you on to treat your conditions?...

How to Create and Use the Suicide Safety Plan

How to Create and Use the Suicide Safety Plan

I have used the suicide safety plan myself and it is incredibly helpful during times of crisis.   It's incredibly hard to work while depressed or suicidal, much less function. It is best that you not complete the suicide safety plan in the middle of a crisis (but I’ve...

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