About Me

Hi I'm Islin Munisteri at Healandberich.com

I am the mom to one girl and one boy, and wife to my best friend!

I studied petroleum engineering at Colorado School of Mines and spent years working at BP and the State of Alaska, helping them to figure out how much oil was in the ground and how fast we could get it out.

I became a stay-at-home mom after having a nervous breakdown and suicidal ideation in February 2017. I am diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder and PTSD. I've also been diagnosed with some personality disorders as well, including borderline personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder.

A year after my breakdown, I started blogging to let you know about the journey and that you're not alone.

It has been a hard journey upward. After my breakdown and my hospitalization at a psychiatric hospital in Alaska, I could barely shower myself or cook or parent my kids. Now I can do those things and even focus enough to start a blog. It is possible to recover after a breakdown.

My therapists call what I've been through a rebirth. Indeed, it has been a rebirth as to how I handle life, having a healthy relationship with my husband and kids, and leaving a workplace environment that exacerbated my personality disorders.

I didn't know that starting on the journey of trauma therapy would lead me down a completely different path than what I had been on. Healing old wounds has been an unexpected journey.

My grandma died unexpected from cancer when I was two, and she had been my primary caretaker for a year. I've only just been grieving her death almost thirty years later.

Currently, I'm seeing my therapists three times a week and am taking Latuda every day to treat my bipolar disorder. To heal from mental illness, it truly takes a village! It is also the hardest journey I have ever taken.

I've been featured in LifeZette and was an outstanding engineer in the Houston Chronicle.

You can have a lot of success even with mental illness. I want to show you it's possible to heal and find riches—in yourself, in your financial life, and in your relationships.

Join me the journey to getting better and finding riches in life again!

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